CSC Member Code of Conduct

5.                Member Code of Conduct

5.1                 Reference

5.1.1             By-Laws: 9.6

5.2                Objective

5.2.1        To establish a Code of Conduct that all CSC members must adhere to as a minimum.

5.3                  General

5.3.1        A member of CSC shall:           support the goals of CSC.           freely exchange non-confidential information and experience with other members of CSC.           avoid conduct which would reasonably be regarded as disgraceful, dishonourable or     unprofessional.           act towards other CSC members with respect, goodwill and fairness.           not maliciously undermine the reputation or business of CSC or any of its members.           avoid actions and situations where the member's personal interests conflict or appear to conflict  with the activities of CSC; if in doubt the member may contact the Registrar for clarification.           not use the offices or the facilities of the Corporation for the promotion of his personal business or professional interests.           not knowingly violate any law or regulation.