June 23, 2021 | By Scott Ruffett

The Association promotes and supports ongoing work done by Sub-Committees and the Certified Technical Representative (CTR) Sub-Committee is no different. This particular sub-committee has been in existence for a few years; and with renewed energy and new volunteers, is now working on the review of documentation and procedures for the Technical Representative presentation as part of the designation certification. The CTR sub-committee’s recommendations will be put forward by the 1st VP to the Board.

Traditionally, the panel presentation is an item discussed in class as part of the TR course, and follows the written exam. It is a predetermined and mandatory project presentation to a judging panel representing the construction community and our Association designations. The Sub-Committee’s review of the entire process will ensure that virtual presentations are permitted. The TR panel criteria, TR panel evaluation and TR application form will reflect a better understanding of expectations. There will be a roster of volunteer judges as a resource of pre-determined members ready to volunteer for judging panel responsibilities. This national list will be available to all Chapters. The documentation will be offered in English and French and judges will also include bilingual volunteers.

All that work cannot be done in a vacuum. For that reason, the Sub-Committee will communicate its progress to the entire membership with a newsletter. We sincerely hope this work will contribute towards a flexible but clear process that will ensure CSC membership growth and value.
We would love to hear from you: please contact any of the sub-committee members.